2023 Member Satisfaction Survey

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The heartbeat of any coalition lies in its members' satisfaction and collective growth. Last year, Profacts conducted a comprehensive survey, commissioned by the Board of Directors of the Coalition, aimed at gauging satisfaction levels and identifying areas for enhancement within our dynamic community. The findings are rich with insights that spotlight our strengths and pinpoint avenues for improvement.

Dear Coalition member,

We are pleased to convey to you the most important findings of the member satisfaction survey conducted by Profacts last year.

Survey Methodology and Scope 

The survey had dual objectives: to assess member satisfaction levels and to pinpoint the Coalition’s strengths and opportunities for advancement. Leveraging a mixed-method approach, Profacts conducted 93 interviews, including 43 with key contacts—a standard sample size for such assessments. 

The survey results were also factored into the annual strategy update conducted in September, involving the Board of Directors and Premium members. 

Key Findings

Client Performance Index (CPI) Overview

The CPI, an aggregate measure encompassing satisfaction, loyalty, added value, and competitiveness, stands at an impressive 76, positioning the Coalition above benchmark standards. Notably, the competitive index (68) significantly surpasses the industry norm (56), positioning us among Belgium’s top-performing organizations.


Our strengths lie in fostering an environment ripe for experience and knowledge sharing, offering robust networking opportunities, addressing diverse topics, maintaining high-quality relationship management, and promptly addressing member inquiries. Additionally, the Coalition’s event organization garners commendation.

Areas for Improvement

While the Coalition thrives in several areas, there is acknowledgment of areas ripe for refinement. Notably, enhancing our contribution to members’ objectives and tailoring services to specific segments sharing similar needs could elevate our offerings. The Cyber Pulse newsletter and our website also beckon improvement—modernizing the website, enhancing resources, and curating more relevant content are identified paths to enhance member experience.

Suggestions and Insights

Members have expressed interest in an AI Focus Group, reflecting the relevance and timeliness of this subject within our community. Profacts also highlighted the need to potentially segment survey responses based on organization sizes, a query that requires deeper database analysis. 

Considerations and Future Steps 

It is crucial to note that while the survey captured valuable insights, the sample size, comprising mainly key contacts, may not fully represent the entire membership base. Profacts, mindful of this, aggregated responses to present a holistic view but will explore segmentation possibilities in future assessments. 

Moving Forward 

In response to the findings, the Coalition is poised to take actionable steps. Plans include refining services tailored to segmented needs, revamping the Cyber Pulse newsletter and website for enhanced functionality and relevance, and considering the establishment of an AI Focus Group based on members’ interest. 


The Profacts survey stands as a pivotal guidepost in our journey toward collective growth and excellence. By capitalizing on our strengths and addressing identified areas for enhancement, we are committed to fortifying the Coalition’s foundation as a leading platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and shared success. 

We extend our gratitude to all members who contributed to this survey, and we commit to keeping you updated regularly on the implementation progress of the improvement actions. 

Best regards,  


Jan De Blauwe 


Cyber Security Coalition 


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About the author

Cathy Suykens joined the Cyber Security Coalition in April 2018 as Operations Manager. She boasts a longstanding career in the financial services industry in different domains with various assignments abroad.