Belgium’s Cyber Security Awards 2024

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The Belgian Cyber Security Coalition is thrilled to announce the fourth edition of the Cyber Security Awards. This prestigious event aims to recognize and reward the cybersecurity experts and enthousiasts who make significant contributions to enhancing cyber resilience in Belgium. Whether you excel in leadership, innovation, technical expertise, or any other area, you can apply for one or more of these prestigious awards. This year we will also reward the Privacy Professional of the Year.

Belgium’s Cyber Security Awards opens for entries


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the fourth edition of Belgium’s Cyber Security Awards, a campaign dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the exceptional achievements and contributions in the field of cyber security and privacy.

Why these Awards?

The Belgium Cyber Security Awards are vital in highlighting the remarkable efforts and advancements within the cyber security and privacy communities. These awards not only acknowledge individual excellence but also inspire innovation, dedication, and a collective commitment to safeguarding our digital environment. By celebrating these achievements, we aim to promote best practices and encourage the next generation of professionals to strive for excellence in this critical field.

What’s new?

We are delighted to reveal the forthcoming awards for Cyber Security Personality 2024, CISO 2024, and the Young Cyber Security Professional 2024. As last year’s Cyber Security Educator/Researcher Award was presented to an educator, this year we will honour a Cyber Security Researcher.

We are excited to introduce the Privacy Professional Award as a new category. It is open to all practitioners, researchers, educators, and professionals who have made significant contributions to enhancing privacy and data protection. To ensure thorough evaluation for our new Award, we have expanded our jury to include experts in privacy and data protection.

We invite all eligible candidates to submit their applications for consideration. This is an excellent opportunity to gain recognition for your hard work and contributions to the cyber security landscape in Belgium. You may qualify for more than one Award. You can also nominate one or more candidates.

Submissions can be made in either English, French or Dutch via the Awards website. All applications are reviewed by an independent expert judging panel, which adheres to a strict code of conduct addressing conflicts of interest and ensuring impartiality. The winners will be announced at a live ceremony on December 4th. Applications can be submitted until October 4th (11:00 PM).

Yes, you can do it! Don’t be shy, embrace the challenge, and showcase your achievements to help make Belgium a secure and privacy-conscious digital environment.

Save the date: 4 December
The winners will be announced during a Gala Dinner at the Africa Palace in Tervuren. The ceremony is organized by our partner TMAB.

Does this sound like you?

For each Award category we have detailed the selection criteria and described the audience to which the Award is geared to assist you in finding the right Award(s) for you.

Have you made a contribution to:
1. Cyber resilience of the Belgian / European economy
2. Awareness of the public
3. Cyber security academia & research
4. Cyber skills development and diversity gap
5. Cyber security ecosystem
6. Your organization’s security posture
7. Your organization’s privacy performance & culture?

Have you made outstanding achievements in your (young) cyber security career?

Are you ready to highlight the importance of cybersecurity or privacy and the key role you play in it?


Learn more about the jury here.

Nominate a candidate.

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Cathy Suykens joined the Cyber Security Coalition in April 2018 as Operations Manager. She boasts a longstanding career in the financial services industry in different domains with various assignments abroad.