Cyber Security General Assemblies 2024

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The Cyber Security Coalition, Belgium's leading non-profit for cybersecurity collaboration, recently held its annual General Assembly on March 28th, 2024. Chaired by Jan De Blauwe, the assembly provided members with a comprehensive update on the Coalition's activities and future direction. This blog post summarizes the key takeaways from the event, highlighting the Coalition's growth, achievements, and strategic priorities for the year ahead.

🌟 Exciting Updates from the Annual General Assembly of the Coalition, 28 March 2024! 🌟

We are thrilled to share the highlights from today’s Annual General Assembly, chaired by Jan De Blauwe. Here is a snapshot of what was presented:

🏆 Management Report: Our Chair presented a comprehensive overview of the remarkable achievements and milestones we reached in 2023: BE-CYBER Experience Sharing Day, EDUBox Cybersecurity, the awareness modules developed in cooperation with Safe-on-Web, just to name a few.

💼 Financial Insights: The Chair delved into the financials of 2023, showcasing a responsible stewardship of resources. The support of our members has enabled us to drive meaningful change, and our association boasts good financial health.

📊 Budget for 2024: With eyes set on the horizon, the Chair unveiled the association’s budget for the current year. Every euro is allocated with purpose, ensuring maximum impact as we strive towards our shared goals and aspirations.

📜 Articles of Association: Embracing growth means adapting to change. The Assembly approved several modifications to our Articles of Association, reflecting our evolving needs and the dynamic landscape we operate in. However, as we lacked a 2/3 quorum of present/represented effective members, a second Assembly will have to be organized.

🤝 New Appointments: Two exceptional individuals have joined our Board of Directors, bringing invaluable expertise and passion to the table. Welcome aboard Karine Goris (Belfius) and Stéphane Vince (Agence du Numérique (AdN).

🚀 Extension of Existing Mandates: The mandates of Prof. Bart Preneel (KU Leuven), Prof. Georges Ataya (Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management) and Mr. Fabrice Clément (Proximus) were extended for another three-year period.

Many thanks to our accounts’ controller Montens Benoît, to Christian Mathijs for counting the votes and to Pascal Champagne to manage the online Q&A.


🌟 Virtual General Assembly, 15 May 2024 🌟

📜 Articles of Association: The General Assembly approved the amendments to the articles of association as proposed by the Board.

You can download the approved articles of associations here:

Dutch version:


French version:


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Cathy Suykens joined the Cyber Security Coalition in April 2018 as Operations Manager. She boasts a longstanding career in the financial services industry in different domains with various assignments abroad.