Lustrum Cyber Talk with Marc Goodman – 8 December 2020

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Why listen to the Coalition lustrum talk with Marc Goodman? Because he knows! Every crime he predicted five years ago in his book ‘Future Crimes’, has already come to pass. Including homicide by cybercrime. In this talk he presents strong and clear views about what must be done to stem the fast growing disparity between the exponential development of technology and its abuse, and the linear defense approach against this abuse.

‘Future crimes’, what to do? The big picture by Marc Goodman

It requires more access to digital tools by more people, with full understanding of what dangers lurk in the manipulation of these screens by companies, governments, criminals, hackers… Critical thinking must be encouraged, as well as more awareness, to help protect the fundamental right of privacy.

Unfortunately, legislative support is lacking because of insufficient foresight by policy makers and politicians, because of their woefully deficient understanding of technology. To do: technology savvy people must become politicians! And considering the deluge of approaching technologies (robots, synthetic biology and many more), policy makers and society should start discussing them now, or the exponential discrepancy in legal protection will continue and grow. European efforts like GDPR – good as they are – notwithstanding.

Indeed, protection must be provided against attempts of weakening tools defending the rights of people. An example? Demands to build backdoors into encryption, in order to fight terrorism and on-line child abuse, must be countered, because of inherent danger of misuse, and also because there are other possible means to fight these scourges.

Public/private partnerships are valuable initiatives, offering the benefits of cross-shared expertise, provided these initiatives are sustained and long termed. Therefore, Marc Goodman extended his warmest congratulations to the Cyber Security Coalition on its first lustrum!

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