BE-CYBER 2023: Embrace the Next Frontier: Guinan Track: Personal Data Empowerment

A fresh vision for personal data empowerment, built around consumer attitudes and values, is required: one that sees the value of data shared more evenly amongst both the citizens who generate data and the organizations that use it; one that balances safeguards with the ability to innovate and one that contributes towards a more stable personal data ecosystem that better serves the citizens in the 21st century. The Guinan Track isn't just for privacy experts; it's for EVERYONE who wants control over their personal data.



BE-CYBER Experience Sharing Day

Embrace the Next Frontier

Guinan Track: Personal Data Empowerment

Event organized by the Cyber Security Coalition on 26 October 2023.

 Guest speakers 

  • Prof. Bart Jacobs, Radboud Nijmegen University: “Autonomy and Duty of Care” 
  • Mr. Max Schrems, Chair NOYB.EU: “Empowerment via enforcement?”

Panel discussion “Data Empowerment: How to Put People First in a Data-Driven World?

Moderator: Mr. Erik Van Zuuren, Founder TrustCore.EU

Panel Members:

  • Prof. Bart Jacobs, Radboud Nijmegen University 
  • Mr. Max Schrems, Chair NOYB.EU
  • Mr. Laurens Behaeghe, CISO athumi
  • Mrs. Ulrika Dellrud, Chief Privacy & Data Ethics Officer Smarter Contracts 
  • Mrs. Cornelia Kutterer, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow University of Grenoble Member of the Advisory Board IAPP AI Governance Centre