BE-CYBER : European Digital Wallet – Business implementation

The EU Digital Identity Wallet is a European Commission Project that aims to enable a unified digital identification system in Europe. This Wallet will allow European citizens to safely save their documents and personal information in an app. These documents and information comprehend much more than just citizens’ identity documents or driving licences, but also medical records, bank cards or even university degree titles. Altogether, this data will be able to create a global EU Digital Identity for every citizen which they will be able to use across every member state. During this BE-CYBER roundtable, panellists from the private, public and academic sectors discussed the business aspects of the Wallet implementation.

BE-CYBER Experience Sharing Event – 26 October 2022

Host: Cyber Security Coalition

Panel discussion: European digital identities: the challenges for business implementation 

Moderator: Erik Van Zuuren, Founder TrustCore.EU


  • André de Kok, Researcher National Office for Identity  Data in the Netherlands
  • Katryna Dow, CEO & Founder Meeco
  • Hugo Mania, Project Manager Digital Identities & Biometrics, ANSSI
  • John van der Heyden, Strategy Advisor BNP Paribas Fortis
  • Jack Hamande, Director General Digital Transformation, FPS Policy & Support

Europe is rewriting the Trust Regulation which will include significant changes in the area of Digital Identity. Soon every citizen and legal entity should have a wallet that allows strong identification/ authentication, that allows to present/exchange “electronic attestations of attributes”, that allows digital signing. If large players on the internet will be obliged to accept this EUDI wallet, if remote signing will be omni-available, if (qualified) reliable attestation can be presented directly from the citizen’s EUDI wallet, how will this impact the digital eco-system?  Will online processes finally be capable of being fully digitized? Will banks, for instance, be able to automate their eKYC-processes? Can a Belgian firm finally trade cross border in full confidence? Will online fraud drop and online trust increase?