BE-CYBER : Vlaams Beleidsplan Cybersecurity

With the Flemish Cybersecurity Policy Plan approved on March 22nd, 2019, Flanders aims to address the many cybersecurity challenges in a rapidly digitizing society. The Plan includes an annual investment of EUR 20m and is based on three pillars: research, solutions for companies and awareness raising. What have been the achievements so far? What lies ahead? You'll discover it during this BE-CYBER presentation by Patrick Hauspie (Vlaio).

BE-CYBER Experience Sharing Event – 26 October 2022

Event hosted by the Cyber Security Coalition

Introduction of the BE-CYBER Experience Sharing Event Programme by Fabrice Clément, CISO Proximus and Director Cyber Security Coalition

Presentation – Vlaams Beleidsplan Cybersecurity (in Dutch) by Patrick Hauspie, Programme Advisor AI & Cybersecurity Vlaio

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