GRC: Be Connected! Mastering effective governance in organizations: roadmap to success

For five years, Dr. Koen De Maere delved deep into the challenges plaguing organizations' digital strategies and governance activities as part of his research project at the University of Antwerp and the Antwerp Management School. With insights from 100+ leaders, he brings invaluable wisdom to the table. In this webcast he unveils the common pitfalls hindering organizational success and shares actionable practices to overcome them.

Mastering Effective Governance in Organizations: a Roadmap to Success 

 Why do so many organizations fail to implement digital strategies and governance practices?  


GRC: Be Connected! co-organized by the Cyber Security Coalition & ISACA Belgium Chapter supported by Solvay Brussels Schools of Economics & Management on 28 March 2024 at the Brussels-based BluePoint Centre.

Master of Ceremony: 

Mr. Yves Van Wassenhove Chair  Governance, Risks and Compliance Focus Group Cyber Security Coalition 

Guest speaker: 

Dr. Koen De Maere, Senior Expert Operations and Digitalization Development & Operations, Corporate Legal, Compliance and Insurance (CL/D) BASFISACA Belgium Chapter Board member