Women4Cyber Belgium – International Women’s Day 2023

Cybersecurity needs more women. In order to build a strong culture of cyber resilience, employers should prioritize attracting, empowering and retaining talented female cybersecurity professionals. Women in or aspiring toward cybersecurity roles represent an untapped reservoir of potential when it comes to the widening cybersecurity workforce gap. Fortunately, there are plenty of incredible women blazing the trail for a more diverse and inclusive industry in the world of security. On International Women's Day 2023, Women4Cyber Belgium showcased two role models in cybersecurity: Liga Raita Rozentale and Nathalie Ketelslegers.

International Women’s Day 2023

A celebration organized by Women4Cyber Belgium Chapter

Master of Ceremony, Mrs. Kiki Walravens, Co-founder & Programme Coordinator of W4C Belgium Chapter

Welcome by Mrs. Séverine Waterbley, President FPS Economy, SMEs, Middle Classes & Energy

Testimonial by Minister Petra De Sutter, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Public Administration, Public Enterprises, Telecommunication & Postal Services

Mrs. Liga Raita Rozentale, Senior leader on Digital Resilience, Cyber & Defence, addressing the topic ‘Challenges & ideas for the future of cybersecurity’

Major Nathalie Ketelslegers, Head of the Information Warfare cell, Belgian Cyber Command, addressing the topic ‘Foreign information manipulation & Interference’.