Women4Cyber Belgium: International Women’s Day 2023 – Embrace Equity

There is no one “right” path into cybersecurity but many paths. The two panel discussions organized by Women4Cyber Belgium bring you real-life stories of women with very different backgrounds who successfully ventured into the cybersecurity industry. It is time to scatter the myths and encourage women to take the first step and acquire cybersecurity skills.

Panel: Women in cyber: (re)skilling to empower


Panel: Women in cyber: an economic imperative

Panel discussion: Women in cyber: (re)skilling to empower


Mrs. Caroline Frère, Head of Operations, Federal Computer Crime Unit


Mrs. Laura Coman, Senior Manager Risk Advisory Deloitte

Mrs. Rosanna Kurrer, Co-founder & Managing Director CyberWayFinder

Mrs. Tatiana Postil, Board member ISACA Belgium

Mrs. Saskia Van Uffelen, Digital Manager Agoria

Mr. Benoît Watteyne, Director Cyber & Privacy, KPMG Belgium


Panel discussion: Women in cyber: an economic imperative


Mrs. Séverine Waterbley, President FPS Economy, SMEs, Middle Classes & Energy


Mrs. Nadia Aimé, Cybersecurity Technical Specialist Microsoft

Prof. Georges Ataya, Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management

Mrs. Laurence Jacobs, Business Relationship Officer at Agoria, Women in Tech Ambassador

Mr. Thibaut Roisin, Managing Director, Security Accenture

Mrs. Aurelia Takacs, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead, Global CX Centers Cisco Systems