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GRC: Be Connected: Securing tomorrow’s digital landscape


Mastering Effective Governance in Organizations: a Roadmap to Success 

Why do so many organizations fail to implement digital strategies and governance practices?  

Dr. Koen De Maere, Senior Expert Operations and Digitalization Development & Operations, Corporate Legal, Compliance and Insurance (CL/D) BASF; ISACA Belgium Chapter Board member 


How to Build Bridges between Privacy and Security in a Digital Trust World 

Mrs. Ulrika Dellrud, Chief Privacy and Data Ethics Officer Smarter Contracts 

Member of the Board of Directors, Director of Certification and SheLeadsTech  ISACA Belgium Chapter


STREAM A: Governance and Management Mastery 

How to overcome CIO firewall: crafting a comprehensive strategy and gaining expert insights 

  • Overcome the CIO firewall: Navigate the intricacies of CISOs reporting to CIOs, ensuring heightened attention from senior management and boards on information security, risks, actions, and budgets. 
  • Strategic brilliance: Craft a comprehensive strategy with milestones for information security activities and discover the power of the “CISO compass” reference. 
  • Expert insights: Immerse yourself in thought-provoking discussions on governance and management, with additional topics suggested by industry leaders. 

From Intuition to Precision: Leveraging Cyber Risk Quantification for Robust Cybersecurity Governance

Mr. Robert Kloots, Founder Trustmatters  


Cyber Security Operations: The Frontline of Digital Protection 

Mr. Remy Knecht, Chief Security Officer itsme® 


CyberFundamentals Framework: Seeing the opportunity beyond the challenge.

Mr. Johan Klykens, Director Certification Authority Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium 


STREAM B: Cybersecurity in Action 

How to develop cybersecurity programmes, build a dynamic CISO dashboard and assemble a dream team for the CISO 

  • Holistic programme development: Learn the art of developing robust cybersecurity programmes and projects, forging essential links with IT, architecture, external providers, and business managers. 
  • Dashboard dynamics: Uncover the secrets behind building a dynamic CISO dashboard – defining the audience, content, and leveraging it as a decision-making tool across management levels. 
  • CISO dream team: Explore the vital skills required to report to a CISO and the art of assembling a stellar CISO staff team. Delve into functions and skills that should never be overlooked, along with additional expert-suggested topics. 

Measuring Security Success: Unveiling the KPIs of Protection 

Mrs. Olga Ghincul  Senior Manager in Cybersecurity EY Financial services 


GRC and Data Analytics: Two Sides of the Same Coin 

Mrs. Ivana Butorac, EU Compliance Manager Sopra Steria  

Mr. Florian Delabie , GRC Unit Manager Sopra Steria 


Incorporating Digital Trust into your GRC Practices 

Mr. Mark Thomas, President Escoute Consulting (Phoenix AZ) 

Mark Tomas’ presentation can be requested by those participants who attended his session.

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